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stupid kid's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
stupid kid

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through this toil i will bleed & destroy my best hopes... fuck up the only things that i love.. [29 Dec 2003|05:04pm]

[ mood | waiting to get high fuckers :) ]

so, whats up kids? i'm lauren. i'm new to this community. it's cool. cause i'm another stoopid kid. whos perfectly straight with it. i don't give a fuck. i'm from virgina. fuck that virgina is for lovers shit. virgina is for penis lovers. oh fuck yes.

i love music. i love going to show. i love my friends. over all, music is my life. my parents think i'm fucking up because i want to live my life through music. i plan on graduating high school or if i can't make it dropping out. yeah. and going on tour with a band, being the merch lauren, or drum/guitar tech. or playing the drums in a bad. i've been around music my whole life. my step dad and brother both play guitar and they are killer on them. no doubt. and i've been around the drums a lot too. and i've fallen in love with them.

i'm probablly the person you'll find in the gutter. smoking a bowl. and taking shots til' i'm passed out.

hahahhahah shit.

yeah. my favorite bands are.... boys night out, transplants, the movielife, bouncing souls, descendents, blink 182, green day, up*syndrome, yellowcard, nofx, operation ivy, less than jake, mad caddies, senses fail, home grown, old mest (their first cd was the shit) potshot, houston calls, yeah you know whats up....

i love meeting new people. shiiit nuggazzz

so leave a comment.

add me. ill add you back.

<3 Lauren

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[02 Jul 2003|01:59pm]

[ mood | high ]

wtf is this?

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hooray for pants! [19 Jan 2003|12:41pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Hello, hello! I'm new in the community (if you couldnt tell)...I found this pretty interesting and decided to join. My name is April, I'm 15 (going to be 16 in APRIL!) and yeah...I enjoy things that have no point. And all I do is go on the computer and listen to music. I like all sorts of music, but mostly punk/death metal/industrial. Much fun.
Some of my favorite bands are AFI, Nine Inch Nails, Immortal, Anti-flag, The Vandals, Sex Pistols, Morbid Angel...and a lot of other bands. So, yeah.. I really dont know what else to say, if ya want to know sumthin...ask. Other than that, rock on.

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[26 Jul 2002|06:41pm]
Hrm, Im new. Im stupid. So yeah. Well, just like everyone (i think), i dont know what top post here. Bah, this looks alot like my LJ, but yeah. I dont care. Not liek I fuckin made LJ or something.

Im just sending out payments for things I bought online. Heavenly god. No more talking.
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[26 Jul 2002|03:51pm]
I'm a stupid kid so I figured why not join? Madison is playing NES on her computer because shes fucking cool now.

i guess i am to be posting here now. [26 Jul 2002|03:27pm]

[ mood | tired ]

hi, i am lesley. i am also called lello. long story. i have an unintersting life. i live in a shit hole. but now when i die, i can say i crowd surfed before i did. except you can't talk when you are dead.

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hah [26 Jul 2002|03:25pm]

so there are no rules. i made this community for no reason. i'll introduce myself so that whoever else joins will do the same.

my name is madison. im fifteen years old. i dance around like an idiot when im bored, or when there is lack of anything to do. i go on the computer too much for my own health. i like the tv, but lately i've been watching less and less of it and listening to more and more music. i like afi, alkaline trio, anti flag, ataris, descendents, dynamite boy, finch, glassjaw, hot water music, nirvana, vandals, weezer & more. i live on long island. i love the old nintendo game system, i just wish i had one. ox
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