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through this toil i will bleed & destroy my best hopes... fuck up the only things that i love..

so, whats up kids? i'm lauren. i'm new to this community. it's cool. cause i'm another stoopid kid. whos perfectly straight with it. i don't give a fuck. i'm from virgina. fuck that virgina is for lovers shit. virgina is for penis lovers. oh fuck yes.

i love music. i love going to show. i love my friends. over all, music is my life. my parents think i'm fucking up because i want to live my life through music. i plan on graduating high school or if i can't make it dropping out. yeah. and going on tour with a band, being the merch lauren, or drum/guitar tech. or playing the drums in a bad. i've been around music my whole life. my step dad and brother both play guitar and they are killer on them. no doubt. and i've been around the drums a lot too. and i've fallen in love with them.

i'm probablly the person you'll find in the gutter. smoking a bowl. and taking shots til' i'm passed out.

hahahhahah shit.

yeah. my favorite bands are.... boys night out, transplants, the movielife, bouncing souls, descendents, blink 182, green day, up*syndrome, yellowcard, nofx, operation ivy, less than jake, mad caddies, senses fail, home grown, old mest (their first cd was the shit) potshot, houston calls, yeah you know whats up....

i love meeting new people. shiiit nuggazzz

so leave a comment.

add me. ill add you back.

<3 Lauren

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